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Early christian basilica of Hagia Sophia

In the village of Panormo, is the great early christian basilica. According to tradition, is dedicated to the Hagia Sophia, and this name has been given to the whole of the wider area around the temple. The basilica dates back to the 5th century, but it seems to have at least two other construction periods, one in the mid-6th century and a Third at the end of the same century. Destroyed in a violent manner, probably due to the arab raids of the 7th century, as is the case with other royal at this time in Crete.

Ancient Eleftherna

The City was the ancient city of Crete. It was located in the current Prefecture of Rethymno is at 30 km TO the city of Rethymno. The archaeological site occupies a serrated ridge of mount Psiloritis, at a height of 380 meters. Today there are only ruins from different historical periods of the life of ancient Eleftherna.

Monastery attali monatery in Bali

The Monastery attali monatery or Bale is located on the slopes of the hill of Holy Obedience, to the west of bali beach, with panoramic views of the sea. The monastery Bale works as a male monastery, and is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. The complex is built in levels, due to the steep slope of the terrain.

Melidoni Cave

The Cave of Melidoni is about 1,800 m. northwest of the village of the mountainous Mylopotamos, at an altitude of 220 metres on the south side of mount Excavators. The Γεροντόσπηλιος, as it is said anyway, is of interest because of the archaeological findings. Also, the cave has played a tragic role in the history of επάναστασης of the Cretans against the Ottomans.